On Monday, 28 November, more than 140 students of BHAK/BHAS Hallein went to Stadttheater Hallein to watch the play “Unacceptable” performed by Vienna’s English Theatre/Schooltours. The play is about two teenagers, Lee and Frankie, who are sent to a secure psychiatric unit due to their aggressive behaviour. The therapists Phil and Jess try to help their patients using music and drama.

This is what some students of 2AKN and 2ASN wrote after watching “Unacceptable”:

“It was cool – and the best thing was that they made us feel the emotions they had. We didn´t like Frankie´s screaming but the way Lee helped Frankie to open up was important to know.” (Eva, Milina)

“The play was very interesting. They sang really well and the acting was really good. The part where Lee wanted to throw a chair at Frankie was so realistic.” (Esmin, Elona)

“Lee was the best one – he had talent and motivation and was not boring. They had very good timing and you could see that they loved to work as a team.“ (Umut, Davud, Alex)

“The actors portrayed the emotions of the characters extremely well and all four of them spoke loudly and clearly so the viewers could perfectly well hear them. I was especially impressed by the girl that played Frankie as such strong emotions are not the easiest to act out.” (Chiara)