A morning at the theatre

Imagine going to a party and not remembering anything the next day! That is what happened to 17-year-old Jack, the
main character of the play ´Virgins´ written by John Retallack and performed by the Vienna English Theatre. Moreover,
Jack has to find out that he has an STD – a sexually transmitted disease. And he does not know who he got it from!

As you can see, ´Virgins´ deals with a serious topic. But it is not only about STDs, it is also about drugs, family,
responsibility and about falling in love. 3AK, 3BK, 4AK, 4BK, 5AK and 5BK attended the performance of ´Virgins´ on
Wednesday, 11 November. Surely most of the students were relieved that their lives are less complicated than
Of course, there was also a theatre performance for the younger HAK and HAS students. 1AKN, 1BKN, 2AKN, 2BKN,
2AS and 3AS went to Stadttheater Hallein to watch a performance of the play ´Undercover Star´ (written by Robin
Kingsland) on 18 December.
19-year-old Hannah is hired as a stand-in for Ivy Rose, a famous pop star. She has to learn how to walk and talk like Ivy,
date Ivy´s boyfriend and meet Ivy’s stalker. Our students enjoyed getting an insight into the life of a pop star.


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