Europäisches Junior Treffen

We met on May 9th and 10th at the HTL high school. The group consisted of one company from Slovakia, egalite, and
three companies from Austria, magnetics, DeskSolutions JC and History Now. DeskSolution, our host, showed us the
school and the process of making the products. Egalite’s main idea is to spread information about migration and
they also organise many school activities for the students.

Magnetics’s main products are magnetic bookmarks. DeskSolutions produce Techhold. It is a holder for a mobile
phone, pens and a solar charger. History Now made a book which showed the dialogue between old and young. Later
on we shared our knowledge and experiences in presentations we made, as well as our products. We watched the
movie “Kick out the Difference” which is the main product of egalite. In the evening we got together again
and we walked through the town called Judenburg.

The next day we met at the same school and had a meeting with Stephan from JA, Austria. We learned a lot of useful
things. We left by lunchtime. We are looking forward tot he next meeting.



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